• Using modern statistical packages (including R system) for statistical analyses
  • Applying modern statistical methods (e.g. Multivariate analysis) for data analysis. Use of modern languages of data analysis, Databases and programing
  • R system is compatible with other data analyses, databases and programmes which have modern language
  • Application of etchical principles of research


  • Data analysis is performed by modern statistical packages including R software environment.
  • Currently R is the most comprehensive statistical analysis system in the World. It covers all standard statistical tests as well as a comprehensive programing language for data management and manipulation. New techniques and ideas frequently appear first in R form.
  • The graphical capabilities of R are outstanding, providing a fully programmable graphics language that surpasses most other statistical and graphical packages.
  • Because R is open source software, unlike closed source software, it is permanently reviewed and updated by internet community of internationally renowned statisticians and computational scientists.